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Quality is our bottom line. And that starts with our dedication to our customers. At MTC we are international team players and are uniquely positioned to provide you with the lowest sustainable price, guaranteed highest quality, on-time delivery, and consistent reliability.

Experience & Expertise

Through sharing our knowledge, experiences and communication skills in production we’re able to empower our clients to achieve the highest standard of quality. We value, promote and fiercely protect our reputation.

Integrity & Accountability

We act with integrity and show respect and value for the diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas of all individuals. We take personal accountability for our actions and results. We keep promises and commitments made to others by focusing on finding solutions and achieving results.

Research & Development

The research & development we do is more complex than simple innovation. It entails marketing, cost management and other parts of the business strategy. Directing and managing the development of product lines from start to finish is one of our strong suits as our designers, merchandisers and marketers march together to deliver the best.

Transparency & Sustainability

We are committed to working in a sustainable, fair & transparent way where our clients are encouraged to come and visit us on-site and experience the difference in our way of working.

Mutual Growth & Flexibility

We believe that your growth is our growth; therefore, we are committed to considering ourselves as genuine partners to see mutual benefit. We’re happy to work on small-scale projects with the potential to grow with us!

Readiness & Results

We have the humility and hunger to learn. We seek and provide honest feedback. We are open to change and continuous improvement. We have a can-do attitude and drive to get the job done. We make the tough calls and work closely with our clients as a team to accomplish results and win.


We understand that different customers have different needs. That’s why our sourcing services are scalable, so that we may provide you with the precise combination of global sourcing solutions that you need most. Customers may choose to merely source their custom products through MTC, taking advantage of our value pricing from fully vetted vendors. Other customers, for example, may want to add on-site inspections, shipping & logistics, financing, and domestic warehousing services. At MTC, you may select the service or combination of services that provide you with the most precise value.

Sourcing From Pakistan

Being one of the most prominent sourcing companies in Pakistan. MTC is capable of catering to all requirements of its overseas and local clients for sourcing world-class products from Pakistan. Our industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise ensure our partner factories strictly comply with clients’ requirements and international standards to deliver the quality they expect and demand.


Regardless of what product you’re looking for, our process, infrastructure, network & experience allows us to source effectively for every industry and market. From Denim, Knitwear, Uniforms, to Interlining, Fabrics & Home Textile we can procure all.